With a passion for teaching Torah, Rabbi Levihaim has been a teacher of Jewish studies at Or Hachaim Hebrew Academy (North Holywood, CA), Emek Hebrew Academi (Sherman Oaks, CA), Torat Hayim Hebrew Academy  

(Los Angeles, CA), for past twenty years.

Rabbi Levihaim believes that prayer and Tefilah services must be filled with joy and understanding. Learning Torah must be pleasant and full of questions and challenges. He knows that not everyone has the same level of comfort in a sanctuary and believes it is his role as rabbi to make the service accessible for everyone. "The Torah must be relevant to our lives today!" is one of Rabbi Levihaim’s favorite sayings.


Rabbi Levihaim and his wife, Ora, are blessed with 7 children Eliezer,Natanel,Shira,Raphael,Odeyah ,Yitzchak and Nachman

Rabbi Moshe Levihaim is the Rabbi of Beth David , serving in that role since September  2009. Rabbi Levihaim also serves on the Committee of Rabbis of Southern California, as well as Committee of the Iranian Rabbinical Council of California.

Prior to coming to Beth David, Rabbi Levihaim served  as  Rabbi in Netan Eli Synagogue , where he helped the shul grow and new families joined the shul to reach to full capacity .Rabbi Levihaim taught widely in the Los Angeles area and lectured at the Torat Haim Kollel and outreach programs.


After growing up in Iran and immigrating to us at age of sixteen , Rabbi Levihaim studied at Talmudic University of South Florida  for ten years and attended John Hopkins School of Electronic Science and graduated with FCC License and a degree in Electronic communications.


After spending three years as a learning madrich for the inaugural years of Yeshiva, he received his ordination from  Rabbi IYochanan Zwieg Theological Seminary  and earned a Masters degree in  education and Torah studies.